What is Video Analytics?


Video analytics (also known as ’intelligent video analytics’ & ‘ video content analysis’) is a type of deep learning which is a type of machine learning, powered by AI algorithms. Over recent years video analytics has gained both academic and industry interest as deep learning development has excelled. Video analytics has resulted in many innovations across many industries as it allows for the automation of previously human dependent tasks.





















Make your CCTV smarter using video analytics, we’ve developed a specialist video software that learns on the fly and detects unusual activity.

Watching live video is unsustainable given the abundance of data from modern day video security systems. We have created an AI powered video analytics engine to automatically find people, objects or vehicles in vast amounts of video footage from CCTV, mobile, bodycam or drone footage. 

Our deep learning video analytics platform is based on our re-identification AI algorithms, which enables our video analytics to automatically recognize temporal and spatial events in videos.  We can track a watch list in real time or provide alerts to suspicious behaviours.

Our leading AI video analytics platform has been deployed for post event analysis, where the system can mine thousands of hours of video and provide the video segments of interest. Today, our system is deployed in real time video analytics to alert the operator to trigger events or when persons of interest appear.

Our World Leading Video Analytics Platform

Our software platform is designed to significantly enhance video analysis in public safety and smart city applications. The video surveillance industry is experiencing a massive growth spurt as we increasingly use cameras to prevent crime, protect our property, and improve public safety.  However, data generated from digital surveillance cameras has become so massive that it is impossible for human operators to make sense out of it in a timely manner.













A major challenge is Person Re-Identification (Re-ID). That is the process to find a matching person (in a gallery of images) for a given image using not (just) facial features (which are often obscured) but features found on the entire body (like clothing, height, carried objects, etc).  Face recognition works only when the subject is close enough, well-lit and facing towards the camera. Usually in CCTV footage this is not the case, and an individual can deliberately cover their face from the camera.

Vision Semantics provides a unique Re-ID deep learning solution including human-in-the-loop relevance feedback (supported learning), active learning and video summarisation with attributes search. As a result, when video imagery is low-resolution and face recognition is no longer feasible (less than 10% surveillance videos contain near frontal view facial imagery data), then we are the only company globally who can provide a solution. 

This makes the Vision Semantics product unique due to its scalability and ability to search for people when faces are not visible in unstructured and uncontrolled environments (most). We can analyse big video data very rapidly (100x faster than real-time) and re-identify people more accurately than highly trained human experts, especially when the video data is from unknown sources without domain knowledge for search optimisation.

Our Video Analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance system investments by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. Most cities and law enforcement agencies have a network of CCTV camera already installed. 


Video Semantics unique combination of AI computer vision and deep learning technologies, together with our patented VIDEO SUMMARIZATION, VIDEO SEARCH and RE-IDENTICATION ® solutions, enables the acceleration of crime investigations, gaining situational awareness and deriving real time operational intelligence from all sources of video including CCTV, Mobile, BodyCam and Drone footage.


The Benefits Of Video Analytics


  1. Dynamics Video Analytics Platform: A our robust world leading portfolio of critical video analytics capabilities fully integrated and compatible with all video management systems.

  2. No false positives and Unmatched Accuracy: Exploit our market leading accuracy for people detection, object detection and classification including vehicles.

  3. Flexible search on all types of video, using images or text or attributes

  4. Behaviour recognition and highlighting anomalies.

  5. Rank 1 Performance: Supports the requirement for both on-demand and real-time analytics for full camera coverage.

  6. Modular Architecture: Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow with centralized, distributed, cloud and hybrid deployment architectures.

  7.  Ease of Use: Quickest time to derive operation value and integrate into workflows. Our system has  lowest total cost of ownership compared to the conventional video platforms. 

Video Analytics