The 'VSL Inside' License

Vision Semantics provides a full package of support to enable our partners to exploit person Re-Identification within their customer solutions.  ‘VSL Inside’ partner programme ensure that our partners get the best support in delivering to their end customers in public safety and smart city applications.

RE-ID Software Development Kit and Application Programme Interface

Our solutions are designed to deliver rapid return-on-investment for our partners. They do not
require customization, long development cycles or professional services. Vision Semantics provides a
Re-ID SDK to allow partners to build enterprise applications on top of our software using popular
programme languages such as Java, JavaScript, C# and Python. This provides our partners the
platform to create solutions with custom dashboards, flexible UI and data visualizations. There is a
full suite of documentation and technical support available to ensure a quick route to market.


Vision Semantics provides a flexible pricing model. Partners can deploy the solution for a 30-day
period at nominal cost. Commercial licenses are structured to ensure customers can pay license fees
based on their estimated usage/capacity needs.

The Vision Semantics Patented License Program

Vision Semantics is leading the way in researching and developing new video analytics techniques. Along the way, we’ve built an industry-leading patent portfolio, which is now available for you to leverage. With the Vision Semantic Patent License, you can access worldwide patent assets that may be critical to the success of your business, covering the following key technologies and processes:

  • Video search by person re-identification with human-in-the-loop relevance feedback and space-time location profiling

  • Video summarisation – Rapid data reduction & fast search by attributes

  • Queue – Visual analysis for counting the number of people in a queue

  • Person Re-ID by reinforcement learning

  • Super-resolution – Enabling recognition in poor data

  • Crowd analysis – Size of crowds profiling


Secure your products and services and enhance your freedom to operate with a Vision Semantics Patent License.