What Is Forensic Video Analysis Software?

Forensic video analysis software is used in order to help authorities in regards to public safety when it comes to crime and suspicious behaviour. Surveillance organisations and CCTV businesses can now enhance their video monitoring softwares and systems with AI machine learning algorithms that will use video and image analytics to discover and track key data and information.

We have created patented and groundbreaking algorithms that allow increases in productivity to occur, as these self learning AI algorithms do not require human input to function and more importantly, to learn. Applying our video & image analysis software to your surveillance systems will allow for automation of tasks which will have massive positive effects on many aspects of many organisations.













What is Image Analytics?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Image analytics and analysis are techniques of image processing, where the image is processed down into its fundamental components, in order to extract valuable & meaningful information. By analyzing images we can find all kinds of information within the image, such as detecting shapes, objects, textures, as well as the counting of objects and reduction of noise to the image.







Image analytics & analysis can be broken down into a few fundamental categories:

1. Enhancing images in preparation for analysis or presentation.
2. Segmenting images so that key regions or objects can be further investigated.
3. The removal of noise from the image using deep learning algorithms.
4. Extracting statistical data from objects and other components form the image using region analysis.

We  use a combination of both Image Analytics & Analysis with our patent Re-identification algorithms, to create a software that sits within the video management & GUI of client softwares. Our Re-Identification solutions processes anonymized personal data, and matches it with its true owner. Processing anonymized data means protecting the privacy interest of consumers and the general public.

We use Image Analytics & Analysis to provide solutions for Smart Cities, Public Safety,Crowd Analysis & Social Media. By using our intelligent AI-powered software for CCTV and video surveillance, we can help to monitor crime, increase public safety, and so much more.

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