AI Powered CCTV Surveillance Analytics 

What Is AI Powered CCTV Surveillance Analytics?

Adopting AI Powered CCTV Surveillance Video Analytics Software is the future for CCTV and surveillance services around the world. CCTV and surveillance businesses who are digitizing and adopting the latest advances of machine learning are experiencing the benefits of innovating their services.


By applying AI and data analytics to your current surveillance system you can automate tasks that would normally require manual input. Our deep learning video analyticsimage analysis software uses re-identification & learns intelligently to detect any unusual or suspicious activity. Contact us today if you have any doubts about AI and how it can help to advance your business and surveillance systems.

Below are some examples in which our innovative AI Video Analysis Surveillance Software can be used around the world. With organisations and companies experiencing the advancements in surveillance technology, and the benefits of impressive AI machine learning.

Smart City

Each week, the aggregate population of major cities is growing by an average of 1.5 million inhabitants. By 2050, more than two thirds of the global population will be city dwellers, up from just one third in 1950. As cities grow, the way we build and manage urban infrastructure has never been more critical to global economic and social development. By adding AI-powered video intelligence to urban transport systems and street management, smart cities can better deliver sustainable and equitable economic growth.

Public Safety

Police forces around the world must meet unprecedented challenges and increasing citizen expectations while improving efficiency and response times with reduced resources. Faced with these challenges, how are policing organizations to protect citizens, increase public confidence and make people safer and feel safer?  In order to craft an effective, coordinated response to emergencies, governments are investing in ubiquitous video camera surveillance.  By 2022 there will be 2 Billion CCTV camera deployed in cities globally. To achieve effective response, security agencies are turning to intelligent video management systems that are AI powered for video analytics to ensure an effective co-ordinated response.

Crowd Analysis

Crowd analysis shows what is happening to an entire walking population, in real time in a variety of environments. This enables infrastructure operators like rail, airports, shopping centres and sports stadiums to take positive actions to increase efficiency and public safety.  This is now critical given the need to maintain social distance in public areas and arenas.

Social Media

The proliferation of social media has led to users generating and posting content. This has resulted in a challenge for social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, in monitoring offensive & illegal content.  VSL is optimising a solution to re-identify offensive material in real time so that prohibited video content is blocked at the starting gate and not posted. Saving social media companies an immense expenditure in resourcing the need to search and delist offensive material, and consequently mitigating the regulatory and commercial risks associated with such content being posted.

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