About Us

Vision Semantics was founded by Professor Sean Gong, and spun out from Queen Mary, University of London. The objective was to a build a world class software company based on Prof Sean Gong’s research. Since 2014, Vision Semantics has developed a commercial platform for rapid video forensic analysis which is licensed to commercial partners. 


Our values about data & individual privacy

Vision Semantics Systems are designed to protect individual data privacy, our systems never store any personal data and do not require large data training sets.  The goal has always been to eliminate the perceived trade-offs between privacy and real-world solutions. To do so, we treat privacy as a first-order concern at every stage of workflow process, we search for data matches, but we never see the data nor store the data.

Decisions that can affect individuals' rights to freedom and public safety cannot be left solely to AI computers. Our partners & customers are using visual data analytics to inform decisions with significant implications for individuals. Rather than relying on AI algorithms that inhibit accountability, we always build ‘humans-in-the-loop’ to safeguard and make necessary judgment calls based on their context and experience.

At Vision Semantics, we build software platforms that help our customers integrate and analyse their own visual data in ways that are consistent with legal and ethical considerations. As a company, we do not collect data, sell data, or facilitate unauthorized sharing of data among customers or any other parties.

Our vision that AI can build a better world

Our team is dedicated to working on technology solutions that deliver a better world and doing what's right, in addition to being deeply passionate about building great software and an exciting company to work in.

We have an open culture with critical debate around the implications of AI technology. This ensures that we remain true to our beliefs, even as the markets and countries where we partner evolve. 

At Vision Semantics, we believe technology can enable advancement of the quality of life, helping with the challenges in climate change, medical research and better public safety. We also believe AI applications should remain under meaningful human control and used for socially beneficial purposes. We believe research should be shared and the benefits of technology should be distributed so it benefits society as a whole.



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